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Volicon 8.0.3 Release Notes | SnapStream



Release Notes: Version 8.0.3

This document contains information that is confidential and proprietary to Volicon Corporation and may not be reproduced in any form without express written consent of Volicon.

No transfer or licensing of technology is implied by this document.

January 29 2016 Release Notes - Observer version 8.0 Copyright© 2016 Volicon. All rights reserved

Table of Contents:

1. Purpose




  1. References


  2. Definitions and Acronyms



  3. Introduction


    1. General 4


    2. Hardware Consideration 4

    3. No Version Interoperability 4


    4. Share 4

    5. XDS + Dpi Clips 4


    6. Multiviewer 4

    7. Device Direct + Cloud Direct 4


    8. Scheduled Encoding 5

    9. Player Thumbnails 5


    10. Storyboard 5

  4. Compatible Products and Platforms 5


    1. Client Operating System 5

    2. Client Browser 5


5.2.1 Internet Explorer 5

    1. Port Requirements 6


      1. New Features 7

      2. Observer Media Intelligence Platform (MIP) 7


5.4 Player 8

5.4.1 Keyboard Available Short Cuts 8


5.5 Known Limitations 9

5.5.1 Share and Publish Limitations 9

    1. Corrected Bugs & Issues 10

      1: Purpose

      The purpose of this document is to provide information regarding the major new features and changes in this release. It also documents known limitations.

      2: References

      The following path links to relevant user guides: http://customer.volicon.com/user

      3: Definitions and Acronyms

      The following defines acronyms or terms commonly used in this document: Services A/V programs along with associated metadata.

      ARL As Run logs

      TS Transport Stream

      MH Media Hub – internal Observer component

      DD Device Direct

      4: Introduction

        1. : General

          General - this is a major release with an updated user interface (UI) and new features.

        2. : Hardware Considerations

      8.0 requires that systems have 64bit Operating Systems for both the Central Server (CS) and Encoding Servers. Content Export Module (CEM) requires a separate dedicated server. The system specifications for the CEM will vary, depending upon customer export requirements.

      The requirements of the thumbnails application may allow for installation on the same server as

      the CS, and in some cases, may require its own dedicated server. In case of a standalone server (CS + Encoders on the same machine) it is required that CEM and thumbnails each have its own dedicated server. The thumbnails feature requires a large amount of available storage – one encoder, one day  ~400 MB.

      4.3: No Version Interoperability

      8.0Q Central Server communicates only with 8.0Q Encoding Servers. A mix between software versions is not possible. In addition, all clients must use the corresponding player for IE use.

      Observer Media Intelligence Platform

        1. : Share

          Enabling speed and agility in taking existing content and publishing it into new content to a multitude of digital platforms, Share democratizes the clipping and editing process. Simple

          editing tools and one-button publishing profiles facilitates rapid processing of content to meet

          appropriate container and encoding requirements for an array of platforms, including target websites, CMS’s and OVPs. (Show images of logos: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Ooyala, Brightcove, ThePlatform, GtXcel, and Kaltura.) You also have the ability to share clips to a local drive to use for internal collaboration and export full HD video with cropped thumbnails and metadata. With Share, you can engage all audiences the way they want to be engaged.

        2. : XDS and DPI Clips

          Generating clips and programs using the XDS and DPI info on the TS stream.

        3. : MultiViewer

          Volicon’s Multiviewer option for the Observer Media Intelligence Platform® unites the platform’s recording capability with multiviewer functionality to give users access to multiple live or recorded programs, complemented by frame-accurate data, on a monitor wall or any employee’s desktop.

        4. : Device Direct and Cloud Direct

          Observer® OTT-Cloud and OTT-Device are solutions for logging (recording) and monitoring the over-the-top (OTT) services that stream content to computers, tablets, and smartphones.

        5. : Schedule Encoding

          Allowing the administrator to schedule when the encoder will not record video.

        6. : Player Thumbnails

          Allows you better seeking options by displaying pictures of each gop under the player

        7. : Storyboard

      New storyboard capability, built into the platform’s Review application, reduces the time and effort required to identify, review, clip, and annotate a specific segment of recorded content for immediate sharing.

      5: Compatible Products and Platforms

      This product has been tested on the following platforms (or with the following products):

        1. : Client Operating Systems

          • Windows 7

          • Windows 10

    1. : Client Browsers

      Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari are supported. To export from Firefox and Safari, a dedicated server is required for export software.

      5.2.1: Internet Explorer

      Internet Explorer (IE) 10 and 11 were tested and supported – 32 and 64 bit. User must add IP address to trusted sites and run in compatibility mode. For further instructions refer to IE set up doc.

    2. : Ports Requirements:


      1. : New Features

      2. : Observer Media Intelligence Platform (MIP)™

        The Volicon Enterprise Media Intelligence Platform™ is:

        • A platform that records all media: from ingest to play out and including your programming, broadcasts from your partners and competitors.

        • A platform that supports a variety of applications and enables different groups in the enterprise to perform content capture, content publishing to web and social media, compliance, content analysis, and monitoring.

        • A platform that allows multiple users to collaborate from anyplace at any time with a web based interface.

          The Platform Support The Following Applications:

        • Capture — Capture and clip linear or live media from anywhere to produce content quickly and easily.

        • Review — Review on-air content, validate ad placement, and perform competitive analysis.

        • Comply — Record, clip and export your broadcast for regulatory or licensing requirements.

        • Monitor — Monitor broadcast quality, report faults, and use full recording to instantly review the impact of detected errors.

        • Share — quickly repurpose your content to web, mobile and social media platforms.

        TS Availability Recording: Ability to record black screen when TS source is not present.

    1. : Player

      1. : Keyboard Available Shortcuts:


    2. : Known Limitations

      1. : Share & Publish Limitations

  • Publish to Youtube might fail if special (non-alphanumeric) characters are used in clip name and/or description

  • Only single Closed Captioning language is supported for publishing

  • Share to FTP with split to chunk option creates multiple files in zip folder

  • Facebook – Max video file size: 1GB, Length: 20 Minutes

  • Youtube – Max video file size: 2GB, Length: By default 15 Minutes, Verified YouTube account users may upload 11 hour long videos up to 128 GB file size.

  • Brightcove – Max video file size: 2GB

  • Native Twitter - Max video file size: 15MB, Length: 30 Sec

  • Special (non-alphanumeric) characters for FTP are not allowed in clip name and/or description

  • DVB subtitles are not displayed in Silverlight Player

  • Incorrect aspect ratio for mix of SD and HD channels in Multiview mode

  • Not all thumbnails are shown under the player in case the player seek-bar length is longer than 1 hour

  • No Loudness meter on Player

  • No ability to Send link for clips via email

  • No ability for scheduled export, including archival

  • No Graph exports (DPI, Loudness)

    5.6: Corrected Bugs/Issues:

  • Windows 10 - Explorer crash in case of closing a bookmark/program

  • We have the option to export using clientless without observer pro interface (CEM on dedicated machine required)

  • Observer queue deleted after restart of message queuing

  • Memcache restart required to allow access to the central server

  • Session timeout kicking out users prior to the time out period specified

  • Program Loudness Report (PLR) exports filter data and not data on FE

  • Error message appears when trying to export a clip from CC search

  • Firefox - Player remains in "pause" mode after closing edit clip window

  • Encoders crash while DPI enabled in certain cases

  • Corrected ability to analyze and display DPI events and timing

  • No UTC time zone setting

  • When cleanup process runs, all relevant pages are not updated and shows blank pages

  • Cleanup task is not properly deleting information from the DB with each clean up instance.

  • A.D - In case user belongs to 2 groups and 1 group has unlimited video and other has limitation, user does not have unlimited video

  • License error isn't cleared from fault clips when fixing license (clears from settings -> Expired License Information

  • 'Search' on encoders page doesn't operate properly

  • In some cases Audio Loudness calculation result removed without removing programs

  • Searching programs by date is not working properly

  • PLR- can't export results

  • Ratings - Graph not populating correctly on 1 min rating data with 60 min span

  • white dots appear on the video at 64 bit player in certain cases

  • PLR calculation for long program with a gap is incorrect