Webinar: Managing TV Coverage During a Crisis

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Join us for a webinar on Tuesday, August 1st at 11am CT and learn best practices for managing TV coverage during a crisis.


Topics that will be covered,

  • Best way to track local TV mentions of your department
  • Staying on top of coverage with real time alerts
  • Creating clips, GIFs and memes (yes memes!) that tell your story
  • Best practices for using social media to reach your audience 

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What our customers are saying about SnapStream:

"If I get a call from a reporter at ABC asking about something that was said... I can immediately pull it up in SnapStream, see what was said 10 minutes ago and get back to the reporter very quickly"
-Reyne Telles, City of Austin

“A couple of words in the search engine and the results just pop up... I can go directly to it. So when detectives say, I need this clip in 30 minutes for a meeting, it's no problem.”
 - Napier Velasquez, City of Miami